artist Dieter Erhard

Ziele - Aims
BfW Berufsförderungswerk Nürnberg - professional development agency 
Aluminum, Rebar, Acrylic Paint 6 Meters
Location: Schleswiger Str. 101  90427 Nürnberg, Germany
   Puente entre Paises
   (Brücke - Bridge)

Workshop Universität Guanajuato, Mexiko

    Aluminium Rebar 7 Meter
Location: University of Guanajuato, Mexiko
Pestalozzischiff - Ship
Apprentices of Erlangen Municipal Utilities Department
As part of the Project Future Vision with Children and Parents
Stainless Steel, Plexiglass 3 Meter
Location: Pestalozzistraße 1, 91052 Erlangen, Germany
Apprentices of Erlangen Municipal Utilities Department 
Bus Station Sculptureparc Tennenlohe 
                            Homage to the Light Bulb                        Heart
 Locations: Municipal Utilities Department  + Zenkerstr. 9, 91052 Erlangen, Germany

Children with special needs of the Puckenhof Education Facility

In the Heart next to the Dragon, the wishes of all
Workshop Participants are placed inside.

Concrete, Stainless Steel, Plexiglass and Glass Beats 7,4 Meter
Location: Gräfenberger Str. 42-44, 91054 Buckenhof, Germany
(1. Public Award Light Festival Kronach 2017)

Inclusion Workshop
Barmherzige Brüder Gremsdorf, Höchstadt Germany

For Sale
JVA Correction Facility Erlangen
2 Workshops

Concrete, Stainless Steel and Fluorescend Plexiglas

2 Half Balls 3 Meter and Hourglass 3,5 Meter
Location: Front and Courtyard Schuhstraße 41, 91052 Erlangen, Germany
2 Pinguin Assembly Workshop
the Jerry Town Children Week
in Rendsburg
Location: Downtown City Island Rendsburg, Germany
USAC Sculpture Path
Light and Concrete

   Concrete, Fiber Optics and Lightpanels
Location: USAC University San Carlos Guatemala City
University Guanajuato


Papier Acryl auf Aluminium
    360 cm x 260 cm
Location: International Gallery Subway Station Am Plärrer Nürnberg, Germany
Ring of Friendship

     Workshop Wladimir/Erlangen

Concrete, Stainless Steel, Guilded and Silver platet 330 cm
Location: Roundabout Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 14, 91052 Erlangen
Farfler Rollstuhl - Wheelchair
    to the Stephan Farffler Wheelchair

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    Children with special needs Workshop
Concrete, Rocks and Stainless Steel  230 cm
Wichernhaus Altdorf Silbergasse 2, 90518 Altdorf/Nürnberg, Germany
Handpaint Action
at the Grand Opening Ronald McDonald House Munich
     Minister of Culture
     Hans Zehetmair
Location: Ronald Mc Donald House Heinz-Goerke-Straße 33, 81377 München, Germany