artist Dieter Erhard

Skulpturenpark Tennenlohe - Sculpturepark
International Artwork in public space
ounder: Dieter Erhard in 1996

Concept: connecting the industrial park and the historic part of town
with art and high tech. Artists from around the world are invited
to work in public.

Successor: Kunstkreis Tennenlohe e.V.

Starting Point: Bus Stop "Skulpturenpark"

Download Flyer/Map: 90 Sculptures

Artist Dieter Erhard
Fountain of 1000 wishes
Location: Der Beck Headquarters, Am Weichselgarten 12 Erlangen -Tennenlohe
Skulpturachse Tennenlohe  - Sculpture Axis
Founder: Dr. Peter Pröbstle - Dieter Erhard in 2015
As an Annex to the Sculpturepark Tennenlohe

Concept: Artists can exhibit and sell their artwork,
while some Art is on permanent display
Start Point East: "Quellstein" Heuweg, Sebalder Forst   Link: Komoot

Artist Dieter Erhard
Start Point West: "Pyramid Fountain" Freiwillige Feuerwehr - Fire Station

Artist Bernhard Rein
Sculpture Park Hotel Soleil Pacifico and Soleil Antigua
Founder: Ing. Ricardo Cruz - Dieter Erhard in 2000
selected works
Concept: Contest amongst Guatemalan Artists and one Foreign Artist Guest
Enhancing Skills and travelling to a Foreign Country
Only the Guatemalan Winner gets to go
either to Germany or Texas!

Prime Material is Concrete!
Sponsored by Cementos Progreso, Guatemala
Hoteles Soleil La Antigua + Pacifico
La Casa del Jade
Artcenter  Seadrift and Artboat
in Texas
Founder: Dieter Erhard in 1999

Studio and ArtPark on the premises
International Art on Display